3 Containers of Imitations, Valued 3 Million RMB, Seized by China National Customs


On 11th August 2015,China National Customs seized 1x40'HQ of CHIC SMART BOARD  imitations,which would be exported to UAE.

In September 2015, 3 containers of imitations,valued 3 million RMB, were seized by China National Customs again.Which would be exported to UAE and U.S.. After the China National customs' inspection,the imitations have infringed the patent of Chic Smart, owned by Hangzhou Chic Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd..

CHIC company will continue to pursue the imitators' legal responsibilities ,and the National Customs will continue to fight against the imitations strongly.

CHIC hoverboard outgoing quality control

self balancing scooter

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